Your signature please: digital signatures with the right document creation software

Digital signature

With today’s smart software solutions, you can draft a business letter, contract or mail-out in no time at all, fully personalized and with your corporate design. All that’s left is to sign your digital document. But how do you do that?

With a digital signature. Why is that necessary?

Maybe we should tackle that question first. Because you may not immediately see the need to sign documents digitally. Plenty of people still print, sign, scan and then email or fax the documents they produce. Or they send printed and signed documents by post. Well, that does raise the question: Why is that necessary? Why do it the hard way, when you can do it the easy way (digitally)? Signing digitally is faster and cheaper, and quite a bit better for the environment as well.

The traditional signature

Ending your outgoing correspondence with a signature is professional and traditional. Whether you’re sending a brief business email or an informal letter to a client, you can always close with a signature. This gives your outgoing document that extra special touch. It strengthens your content and makes an informal letter seem a bit more official. It’s amazing what a little signature can do.

But once you have your document flow automated, you’ll need to first get your signature to show up in your digital document. It may sound complicated, but it’s not—if you work with the right document creation program. Such as—you guessed it—SmartDocuments. You’ll have your signature digitized and added to your personal SmartDocuments account in no time. And that’s all it takes. From then on, your signature will automatically appear in every document you create. It's really just child's play.

Legally valid signatures

SmartDocuments allows you to automatically add your signature to your outgoing correspondence. While it’s good to know that this signature isn't legally valid, in many cases that won't pose a problem. But if you want to sign a contract digitally (such as a lease, business agreement or healthcare service agreement), it’s vital that this signature can also hold up in court. You need a special tool to make your digital signature official. And yes, of course we can tell you more!

Evidos: digital signatures with the right level of evidential value

SmartDocuments works in close collaboration with Evidos, a partner that has developed a powerful tool to apply legally valid signatures to digital documents. The system integrates seamlessly with all other systems and guarantees that your digital signature is 100% legally valid. The tool features a variety of verification methods to check a signature’s authenticity. It also provides you with the proof you need to demonstrate authenticity later on.

Linking your SmartDocuments with another digital signature program

But what if you’ve been working with your own trusted digital signature tool for years? No worries – all is not lost. There are many providers on the market that specialize in digital signatures. So, whether you work with Evidos, ValidSign, DocuSign or another party, they can all be linked to SmartDocuments. If in doubt, please get in touch! After all, we are in the business of smart software solutions ;).

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