Document Automation for Public Authorities

Effortless Document Creation for Public Authority Organisations

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Standardised Document Formatting

When communicating to citizens, businesses and other organisations, effective document creation is key. Document automation offers compliance, operational efficiency and clear communication to every kind of public organisation. Create letters, notices, legal documents, and contracts easily and quickly with SmartDocuments.


Clever Data Connections

Take your efficiency to the next level by automatically populating document templates with data from other sources. SmartDocuments connects to the other systems in your organisation, boosting accuracy and automation. Data is pushed or pulled from these systems and entered into the corresponding placeholder in your documents. SmartDocuments offers the standout feature of Multi Document Output, allowing you to generate hundreds of customised documents in minutes.

Document creation government

Central Document Generation

“It is very nice to be able to use the same document templates for all boards. We have about 350 templates across the organisation. In one year, our most frequently used template has generated over 52,000 documents.” - Elisabeth, Template Manager for the County Administrative Boards in Sweden

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Streamline and Integrate

SmartDocuments eliminates manual document creation, saving you valuable time and ensuring accuracy across documents.

  • Standardise your document formatting for a professional image with building blocks for recurring content
  • Manage all your templates in one central system and decrease the sprawl of templates in your organisation
  • Reduce compliancy risks with less manual intervention and less room for error
  • Connect existing systems like your DMS, CMS or ERP-system with our modern integration layer
  • Relieve work pressure for employees and do more with less resources. 

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