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BCT is convinced that having a good grasp on information contributes to a safe, promising and sustainable world. Professionals can only make the best decisions with targeted information in the right context. To achieve this, BCT deploys high-quality, self-developed technology, with more than 150,000 end users work with it every day. The information management specialist has been relying on SmartDocuments' document creation solutions for many years.

The SmartDocuments software is deeply integrated into both the Corsa and Liber platforms. BCT’s solutions connect seamlessly with SmartDocuments and make active use of the SmartEditor. This makes it possible to create documents with SmartDocuments and, in combination with BCT solutions, secure them, so they're only available to the right target group.

  • Get a hold on information
  • Extensive integration with Corsa and Liber
  • Secure documents
  • 10+ years of cooperation

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