Send emails directly from your document creation tool

Document templates. They give your outgoing correspondence an appealing and uniform look. You can quickly conjure up sharp-looking business documents with your corporate identity. Wouldn’t it be great if you could do the same with your outgoing emails?

Consistency makes for a strong brand identity

It bears repeating: the magic word in building a strong brand is consistency. Your brand only strengthens when communicating clearly and accurately to the outside world. A corporate identity that’s applied uniformly may be the most critical ingredient in this. The slightest of deviations could stand in the way of your professional image. Common pitfalls include using the wrong font or (as we often see) an outdated version of your logo. These little careless mistakes are easy to avoid with fixed document templates.

Document templates as your solid foundation

A document template ensures that you draft your document correctly from the get-go. Managers who ensure that all the templates are always up to date offer users peace of mind so they can get right to work creating their documents. You’ll be churning out business letters and contracts with the greatest of ease. Or at least, with relative ease. We’re not exactly saying that your work will be a walk in the park, but we can definitely say these templates will make life a lot easier.

Email templates

Of course, having a uniform look in all the daily letters and contracts in your outgoing snail mail is great. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to just as easily have the same uniformity in your business emails? Let's be frank; it looks awkward if your emails are out of sync with the style of the other correspondence from your organisation. Well, we have some good news! SmartDocuments software takes care of this for you.

The email plugin from SmartDocuments: keeping it simple

The email plugin from SmartDocuments allows you to use templates to generate your outgoing emails. This brings along well-known benefits: greater convenience, faster work, and fewer errors. When you create a document in SmartDocuments, you can send it off directly without having to leave the environment. The plugin automatically adds an email with the same (fully harmonised) corporate identity; just like that, your digital document is on its way. This means that you don’t have to go to your email application before sending your email with the document attached. Or, if you want to, you can save it as a draft so you can edit it and send it at a later point. It will also appear in the sent folder of your email programme, which is also very handy. Everything now happens in a single environment. We know it's amazing... (though we may be a bit partial).

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