Small errors with big consequences

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We all know the feeling; a slight distraction and your focus is gone. However little the distraction, such moments might have disastrous consequences. This is even more true when you're processing large amounts of different documents – all of them of importance. Especially if a task is lengthy and repetitive, errors are more likely to slip in. SmartDocuments helps you prevent these errors!

Small mistakes that turn big

Storing a confidential document in a publicly accessible folder, sending an important email to the wrong email address or failing to complete a rush job because you were distracted by that funny colleague - these are all situations that can happen to the best of us. We're all human and mistakes are made wherever work is being done. You learn from mistakes, and they keep you sharp. But, imagine if a mistake that might seem small, turns out to have big consequences …
In 2014, the Netherlands Court of Audit published a report on administrative errors within the government that had enormous consequences for citizens. For example, a family moved to another municipality, but this move was registered as an emigration, which meant that all social benefits were cut. In another case, a lady who reported her grandmother’s death, was instead registered herself as deceased, due to a small human error. And, a criminal who was recently sentenced a lengthy prison sentence was released again within a short time. The reason? In the system, an employee had entered a prison sentence of six months instead of six years. 
In Japan, an even more extreme situation unfolded: a typo cost a company 340 million dollars when an employee offered 610,000 shares for 1 yen instead of the other way around.

Repetitive tasks equal error-prone tasks

Mistakes are more likely to happen when the work you're doing is repetitive. Creating documents by manually entering a lot of text, searching for resources, copying and pasting, or checking the corporate identity guidelines for every characteristic – these are all activities that no one really likes to dedicate time to. So, why not let an expert in corporate identity management and document generation take them on? There are many more enjoyable things you could be doing with that time! And the additional advantage: it helps prevent a ton of errors that are due to manual labor. 

Clarity and perfection from A to Z

SmartDocuments ensures that the documents you create reach perfection. Documents are generated based on smart templates. These smart templates consist of building blocks that are easy to update, because they only require a one time change in order to update every template that contains this building block. To end users, this template and the building blocks are set in stone. That means that when the end user goes through the process of generating a document, no predetermined part of it can be edited. The only thing that is required of the end user, is to enter any data that is required for personalisation of the document. Want to make sure even this part of the process happens free of errors? That's where our smooth integrations are the answer: data is inserted automatically and the result is a perfect document. 

Clear and minimal screens with straightforward instructions, most of which you can configure yourself, make template management incredibly easy. Your first step? Take a look at the different solutions on our website. We can then discuss how your work can become more enjoyable and how to eliminate ‘small’ mistakes.