Anonymise documents with SmartDocuments

Easily hide personal data in SmartDocuments documents

Digitaal toegankelijke documenten

Prepare documents for a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request

Create documents using smart templates with SmartDocuments. Anonymise these documents at a later time by hiding personally identifiable data with our tool. Select the specific parts in a document template that will contain confidential information, or use the option to anonymise all variables present in a document template.

digitaal toegankelijke documenten

How does it work?

Any part of a document generated with a SmartDocuments template can be anonymised at a later time.

  1. When creating or setting up a document template in SmartDocuments, select which template or template components will contain personal information when the document is generated by the end user.
  2. The end user creates the document using this template and inserts missing data (where necessary).
  3. This document can be anonymised upon request by submitting it to our license-bound anonymisation application.
  4. The result is a DOCX, PDF, HTML or ODT file in which the selected parts or all variables have been replaced with a black bar of fixed dimensions. The other content of the document remains visible, only the data to be anonymised is anonymised.

This feature works for documents created with (existing and new) SmartDocuments templates, from the moment you have the correct version of our software.

Which data will be anonymised?

Mark specific fields in a document template or choose to anonymise all variables. Variables are data that come from your case system or DMS. Additionally, all information from databases, data filled out with our SmartWizard, and data from, for example, a user group or template group, as well as document properties (metadata).

digitaal toegankelijke documenten
digitaal toegankelijke documenten

Digitally accessible and anonymised

By anonymising documents, you do not compromise digital accessibility. To keep the document readable for text-to-speech software, three fields of the document properties do remain when anonymising; the title, author and language. An explanatory description is also linked to the black bars in the anonymised document. This description makes it clear that data has been removed from that location.

This way, the anonymised document still complies with the accessibility guidelines, but only if it also already did before you anonymised the document.

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Tomas Hydfeldt

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