House style Automation

Maintain clear communication and clear-cut visual identity through a uniform style.

Corporate Identity Management

House style automation is a cornerstone for smart document creation

How do I automate my visual identity and, more importantly, keep it consistent? When you change your logo, font, or font size, it has to be changed in every template. This process could take weeks across all templates. In SmartDocuments, you simply make one change within a central environment to adjust every template.

Accidental errors are easily made

Ok, so there’s a new visual branding guideline in town! Now we need to update the layout across all templates to comply with the new branding rules. Do you know where all the templates are? Can you change them yourself, or does a third party have to do so? What if you forget to adjust a small detail in one template? Suddenly you have loads of documents with different layouts, resulting in a damaged brand and bad brand recognition—all your hard work for naught.


Always correct corporate identity

In SmartDocuments, you can manage your house style separately from the content. No matter what changes you make to the content, your visual identity remains unchanged, and the most recent house style is always safely stored.

The advantages at a glance

  • House style coherence at all times
  • Strong brand identity
  • Strong brand experience for the customer
  • Saves a considerable amount of time
  • Increases productivity

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Tomas Hydfeldt

Tomas Hydfeldt

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