SmartDocuments further enhances your Microsoft 365 apps

Corporate Identity Management
SmartDocuments Teams integratie

Using the latest Microsoft technologies as a foundation, SmartDocuments develops and implements software that provides you with even better support in the area of document creation and template management.

SmartDocuments SharePoint integratie

SmartDocuments runs on Microsoft Office 365. Our software connects with Microsoft Word, SharePoint, Teams and Outlook.

Microsoft 365 integration
  • Microsoft Word for creating templates. The SmartEditor of SmartDocuments is layered around Microsoft Word for your benefit. When creating templates, all functionalities of Microsoft Word can be applied.
  • Microsoft Teams and SharePoint for opening and saving files to the corresponding library. When selecting a document file in Teams or SharePoint, our integration allows you to open it in SmartDocuments, complete the document and then save it to the library from which you started.

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Tomas Hydfeldt

Tomas Hydfeldt

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