Document Automation for EMS Agencies

Effortless Document Creation for LEMSA's Administrative Heroes

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Standardize Document Formatting

Effective document creation is key to ensuring compliance, operational efficiency, and timely service delivery. Create notices, letters, contracts, legal documents, bulletins and any other document for your EMS functions in minutes, with pre-built document templates in SmartDocuments. Document automation takes efficiency in your office to the next level by automatically populating the appropriate sections of the document with external data.

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Efficient Multi Document Output

Issuing EMT certificate approval and renewal notices is one of the most time-consuming tasks for EMS Agencies when creating documents for their EMT Programs. This process involves distributing numerous notices containing varied information, a task that can be labor-intensive and error prone. SmartDocuments boasts a standout feature: the Multi Document Output module. With just one click, EMS agencies can effortlessly generate hundreds of EMT Certificate approval and renewal notices, each customized with specific information for individual recipients.

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Enhanced Compliance

“Our document accuracy has increased dramatically since using SmartDocuments."

- Ben Keizer, Prehospital Coordinator Contra Costa EMS, California

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Automate and Streamline

Eliminate the need for manual document creation, saving valuable time and ensuring accuracy across documents.

  • Standardize document formatting for a professional image of all your EMS documentation
  • Ensure everyone has access to the latest, approved versions in one central system
  • Eliminate repetitive data entry and typos with auto-populated fields and connecting your data
  • Save valuable time: relieve work pressure for employees and do more with less resources

Advantages for your organization

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