SMASHDOCs understands that intrinsically complex documents can only be created through intensive cooperation. That is why SMASHDOCs makes this collaboration as easy as possible. The extensive text editor and collaboration suite ensures a 10x faster result when creating, checking and modifying documents.

The document creation tool of SmartDocuments forms the basis of SMASHDOCs documents. After going through the user-friendly question and answer wizard, the end user creates a document with the right corporate identity, content and other features, based on the selected template. Fully compatible with SMASHDOCs and stored directly in the SMASHDOCs environment. You can get started with SmartDocuments and SMASHDOCs within minutes.


  • Easily and quickly create reliable documents with the SmartDocuments document creation tool.
  • Always the right corporate identity and content without cutting and pasting.
  • Working with multiple internal and external parties simultaneously.
  • Modify, approve and manage versions in one clear environment.
  • Prevents e-mailing back and forth, unclear changes and errors.
  • User-friendly interface with notifications, colour codes for changes, comments, role and rights management.

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  • Integration SMASHDOCS
  • Supports ad hoc documents
  • Seamless integrations
  • User-friendly interface
  • Always the right corporate identity and content

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