From document creation to an external web application for further processing.


You’ve created your document using SmartDocuments. Once prepared, these documents are often stored and archived in the organisation’s internal system. Unless… this is just one step in the document creation process and the document has another leg in its journey. A journey through an application other than SmartDocuments. Is that even possible? And if so, is it easy to implement?

You know us. Of course, the answer to the question is ‘yes’. In the world of software solutions, so much is possible nowadays. And we’ve found a suitable solution for this as well. But let’s start from the beginning.

SmartDocuments as part of a larger process

In many cases, SmartDocuments is the document creation tool in an organization. Employees create their documents in the SmartDocuments environment, store the final product and/or send the document directly to the recipient from this environment. This is a complete process within the functionality offered by SmartDocuments. But it can work just as well if the document creation step in SmartDocuments is just one part of a larger process where other applications also play a role. Perhaps you need to add items or functions to the document that aren't possible from SmartDocuments. Or maybe a different party is responsible for finishing the processing of the document in their own application.

A lightweight solution for linking

To save created documents in your own system, SmartDocuments has to be linked to that system. This integration is usually not a major obstacle for either side. But why undertake an extensive integration with an internal system if it’s not strictly necessary? For example, if your organization prefers to work online anyway. Or, as mentioned above, because the SmartDocuments step is just one part of the document creation process. This is a job for ‘redirect’, a lightweight solution that redirects your document creation process to an external web application.

Easy linking to an external web application

SmartDocuments offers the option to link the document creation tool to an external web application. This ‘redirect’ option ensures that your documents can be further processed online after they are completed in SmartDocuments. You just need a simple link with an internal system (CRM, ERP or DMS, for instance), and with just one click, you can send the document to a web address for further processing. This is also the perfect way to give another party quick and easy access to the document. Read below for an example of how one of our partners uses this tool.

SmartDocuments & SMASHDOCs

Our partner SmashDocs is one of the best examples of the potential of the redirect option. SMASHDOCs allows users to review documents and add comments if needed. Once a document has been prepared in SmartDocuments, the tool uses a link to send it to the SMASHDOCs web application. This converts the file for further processing in the SMASHDOCs application. In this case, that means reviewing the document and flagging any potential points for improvement. SMASHDOCs is actually a bit like the review function in Microsoft Word, but much more advanced. Users add points for improvement and comments in the margin. After this critical feedback, a third party can use a link to work through the points for improvement and create a polished final version.

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