SmartDocuments back in school

SmartDocuments and Saxion University join forces. In the next six months, at least 60 students of the IBMS study will work on an extensive research project commissioned by SmartDocuments. A useful, practical project for the students, which simultaneously provides valuable information for SmartDocuments.

It is a fact that the cooperation between Saxion University of Applied Sciences and SmartDocuments is not entirely coincidental. In recent years, the old school of director Marco Drost has provided SmartDocuments with many good employees, like Aren Grigorjan and Joël Klumper, who have formed the company's marketing team since their graduation. Last week they were themselves in front of the class at their old IBMS (International Business and Management Studies) course to present the students with a challenging assignment. This was an immediate opportunity for the students to put their questions about 'life after the program' to them. It was also valuable to hear where former students end up after their studies.

Working together more often

For some years now SmartDocuments has had employees in the marketing department educated by Saxion University of Applied Sciences. This has been a successful approach and, therefore, a good reason to expand this to the ICT department in the near future. SmartDocuments also created the need to expand collaboration even further. And so, contact was sought with the University of Applied Sciences, requesting to start a joint project. A question to which the University of Applied Sciences was positively disposed.


Research into the European market

The 60 students of the IBMS program will spend the next six months in 11 groups looking for opportunities for SmartDocuments in other European countries. Which markets offer prospects, and are there opportunities to gain a foothold in the country in question? The groups will be guided in their research by their lecturers and will submit their initial findings to SmartDocuments at the end of the first period. A final recommendation will be made at the end of the project.

There's no such thing as free lunch

The project is a wonderful opportunity to gain practical experience and offers students a glimpse into the business world. SmartDocuments realizes this but would still like to offer an extra reward. The students presenting the winning idea will go home with a nice amount of money.

Contributing to practice-based education

SmartDocuments has long supported many international goals aimed at children. SmartDocuments also wants to contribute on a regional level with the new project. In addition to the project Marco Drost (CEO and founder of SmartDocuments) will this year, partly for this reason, give a guest lecture at the University of Applied Sciences.