SmartDocuments is ISO 27001 certified!

SmartDocuments is ISO 27001 certified

On the 19th of January, our organization received the ISO 27001 certificate from TÜV Nederland. ISO 27001 is the global benchmark for information security. The standard describes how information can be secured in a process-based manner.

SmartDocuments is continuously in development to meet our own standard and that of our customers, but also to be able to comply with laws and regulations. We recognize the importance of information security and handle all information provided to us, with care. This is why we applied for the ISO 27001 certification of our organization. The way SmartDocuments handles information, and whether data is properly secured, was investigated during an independent and professional examination. The examination proved our organization met all ISO 27001 requirements.

We are proud to have been awarded the certificate!

ISO 27001 certificate