Digitally Accessible Documents

Create Accessible Documents with SmartDocuments using smart templates

Digitaal toegankelijke documenten

Digital Accessibility with SmartDocuments

Use SmartDocuments to create digital documents that are accessible to everyone.

  • Create your template according to WCAG guidelines in the SmartDocuments management environment
  • Generate accessible documents with these templates
  • Manage content and the corporate identity in one place
  • Enjoy the efficient and simplified work process
  • We offer different output options such as Word, PDF and HTML
digitaal toegankelijke documenten
digitaal toegankelijke documenten

Accessible thanks to smart templates

Create templates according to the guidelines for digital accessibility (WCAG). By getting the settings right and managing content and the house style in one place, you can easily generate accessible documents based on these smart templates.

Efficient and straightforward

SmartDocuments provides a central environment for managing templates, template elements (such as standard texts and logos), and users. Create the accessible standard on which all digital documents are based, and set up the work process efficiently.
digitaal toegankelijke documenten
digitaal toegankelijke documenten

Personalized and automated

Personalized content such as name and address details or data from your ECM or Case Management System, automatically appears in the right document thanks to our integrations. SmartDocuments links with the other systems in your organization for even more efficiency. Automate the process without compromising on personalization.

What is Digital Accessibility?

When an online environment is accessible, everyone can use it. Digital accessibility applies to all kinds of digital content, from software to PDFs and websites. In more and more countries, document accessibility standards are now required by law. This means that all documents your organization provides in a digital way, must be accessible to everyone. Learn how SmartDocuments can support you. Request a demo.

There is no way around it: digitally accessible documents. It's important that the information you're offering is also accessible to people with a (functional) disability, both in apps, websites, but for sure also in documents. 

Download our whitepaper to learn more about:

  • Minimal font size
  • Sans Serif fonts
  • White space between paragraphs
  • Line spacing
  • Headings
  • Page breaks
  • Table usage
  • Images
  • Layout
Whitepaper creating digitally accessible documents

Whitepaper with tips for Creating Digitally Accessible Documents

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