What is document automation?

Take your business documents to the next level

Digitizing documents. Few companies haven't yet done so. The time of archive drawers full of contracts has been over. Today, everything is neatly stored on internal servers, in fancy yellow folders. A lot of lovely yellow folders... We don't want to make things difficult right away, after all, the beginning is there. But it can be done even more efficiently. How can it be done? By automating your documents. But what does that actually mean?

Document automation automates all the repetitive actions involved in drawing up documents. Think of standard text blocks and the corporate identity of a document. You always work directly into a ready-to-use document. In the automation process, a link is made with your company's database and with the push of a button you've the necessary data (for example, from a specific customer) directly in your document. You fill in a number of variables by means of a question and answer screen and voilà: personalized content in a jiffy. Document automation simplifies the process surrounding your company documentation.

Document automation: which documents do you use it for?

Automation isn't tied to any particular type of document. Document automation allows you to generate flawless documents without taking up any of your time. Whether it concerns employment contracts, notices of objection, rental agreements or reports; a good digital system offers a solution.

Hook me up!

An automation system does not stand alone. In order to easily (and automatically) get the right data into your documents, you link the system to your existing business systems. This may sound like quite a job, but believe us when we say it's not that bad. A document automation system works very well with all your other systems. An integration with your business system, DMS, ERP or CRM is easily made.

The security of your documents

Is all that pairing really that safe? We get the question settled. The answer is yes! Of course, security and all the rules arising from the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) are very much looked at in this type of system. For example, the SmartDocuments system does not store any data. Your privacy is therefore guaranteed.

Future-proof software

Believe us when we say: software to automate your documents is very user-friendly. At least, when we talk about SmartDocuments software. You don't need to have in-depth IT knowledge. Some experience with Microsoft Office is enough. If the system is implemented properly and the guidance from the supplier is correct, you'll have mastered such a system in no time. Before you know it, the new digital workflow will be completely in your own system ;). An additional advantage: automation software is future proof (as they so beautifully call it). So it will last quite a while, partly thanks to the correct interim updates (fully provided by your supplier).

Do you still have doubts about automating your documents after reading this document? Afraid to lose control? Or concerns about the security of personal data? Very logical! Are you afraid of all those new technical developments within your organization? Is everything going well? New technologies in the workplace are exciting, we realize that. But they are there for a reason. And: we do this more often! From a technical point of view, we keep our finger on the pulse and stand on the sidelines to jump in when necessary.

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