What is Document Creation

Why document creation?

The creation of documents. It's almost an assembly line of work within large organizations. One would therefore think that a wonderful software package would be used to generate all these documents as standard. But no, many companies still adapt each individual element in their documents manually. Error-prone? Yes, they do. Can this be done differently? Absolutely.

Suppose you are an information manager at a municipality and responsible for all outgoing documents. That's quite something. In addition to a lot of control work, this involves a great deal of responsibility. Of course, you don't create all these documents yourself. That's what your colleagues are there for.

Why do I need a document creation system?

You're now probably using previously stored documents, which you carefully edit by hand. But beware, one colleague is not the other. Perhaps you'll pay close attention to whether the document you choose has been drawn up in the right corporate identity. Your colleague may just overlook this. Or last year's change of address? Have you checked carefully whether this has already been implemented in the document you've chosen?

Mistakes are made faster than you think. But in addition to the error-sensitivity of manual work, it also simply takes a lot of time. Constantly having to adjust everything manually also has a very demotivating effect. Let's be clear: a lot of repetition makes work boring.

A document creation system can be the solution. It helps to create documents in the most efficient way, by eliminating (annoying) repetition tasks. You create documents in a document generator that already has the most common elements ready. Just a few clicks on the button and you're done!

Document creation software: make it easy on yourself

By automating document creation you create profit on all fronts. A document template only needs to be created once per document type. The template can be designed in your own corporate identity and standard text blocks can be created. The template is then easily linked to the existing database by means of XML. Available data can now be filled in automatically in the document.

The basis of your document is in place and has the correct document content. From now on you and your colleagues only have to fill in the variables. In other words: the data that cannot be extracted from the database.

Good to know: standard text blocks can also easily be reused in other document templates.

You can learn how to create documents

Perhaps all the above sounds a little complicated. Creating and managing document templates is not something everyone does on a daily basis. Nevertheless, it's not all that bad! Of course, you can assume that your supplier will familiarize you with the software. With SmartDocuments this is in any case a standard service. You don't need any programming knowledge to create templates and work with the document generator, and additional knowledge of Word is also useful but certainly not a requirement (at least not for our software). Document creation software is 'foolproof' as we so beautifully call it. (Not that we consider you a 'fool' of course, don't misunderstand us).

Convenience at the forefront

It's simple: working with a document creation system simply brings convenience. Corporate identity monitoring has never been so relaxed and the creation of dynamic and interactive documents almost goes without saying. Really, with a little effort, even the managing director (a.k.a. the company's biggest digital illiterate) can work with such a system.

But what about the GDPR? Because that has to go wrong when all kinds of systems are connected and information is exchanged. Relax! This is going well. Naturally, various measures have been taken to ensure that a document creation system is GDPR proof.

Create documents anytime & anywhere

Are there any other advantages to this document creation software? Yes, we'll continue. How about anytime, anywhere access to the software? Via an app you can create on-brand documents on your mobile phone or tablet. On the road or directly during that business meeting.

Profit, profit, profit

Working with the right software brings a lot of advantages. In any case, it saves you, and the company you work for, a lot of time. And time = money. The cost savings are therefore considerable. But frustrations are also saved, no more endless cutting and pasting.

Less frustrations and less (boring) work. This benefits the working atmosphere and your client reaps the benefits.

“Clients do not come first. Employees come first. If you take care of your employees, they'll take care of the clients.” – Richard Branson

By the way, the new generation will also thank you. Thanks to digital signing, there will be a lot less printing. So all of a sudden, you're going to do a little more sustainable business!

SmartDocuments & Document Creation

SmartDocuments has a passion for document creation. More specifically: a passion for simplifying. Creating systems that can be used by anyone. Because they're not more complicated than necessary. With the software of SmartDocuments, document creation only becomes simpler (perhaps not always more fun), more professional and more efficient.

We take your privacy very seriously. This way we can guarantee that we absolutely cannot access your data. Our system also fully complies with the applicable privacy law. That seems obvious to us.

Curious about how our software can take your organization's document creation process to the next level? Let us know! Then we will drop by for a demo. It's like magic ;).