What is Document Template Management

The presentation of your organization – how serious do you take it? Hopefully very serious. After all, it's a very important part of your branding. Consistency is key. However, it's not the norm, unfortunately. Consistent implementation of a corporate identity is a lot more difficult than you might imagine. People generally start from scratch, instead of working with templates.

Imagine you've to write a letter to your clients. What you want is a standard document or a previously created letter that you can quickly edit. When you finally located the document you need in one of those hundreds of folders on your computer, you begin modifying the document where necessary and include the new text. Your colleague then goes through the finished text, and you’re good to go. Send the letter, and that’s another task ticked off today’s to-do list.

Unnecessary errors

The situation just described probably sounds familiar to you. Nobody wants to reinvent the wheel, especially when there are already plenty of ‘wheels’ in your computer’s file system. We understand this is how you're used to work. However, We don’t want to ruin your day, but ask yourself, how certain are you that you're sending out proper documents?

Did you take a good look at the logo? Is the color scheme and layout correct? Are the standard texts up to date with company guidelines? At first glance, it probably all seemed OK. But remember that small changes in style and tone of voice may not be noticeable. So, it could be that the letter you wrote to your clients did not fully comply with the current company guidelines. Could you have prevented that? Well, yes, you could have …

What is document template management?

Document template management – it’s an impressive term, but what is it exactly? Document template management is about keeping document templates organized, so you can communicate consistently. They're created and stored in one central system. Everyone within the organization works from the same system and therefore always has the latest version available. Good template management provides a strong foundation for optimal documents.

Document typing

Version management: no messing around!

But who says that colleagues won’t start messing around in the template itself? We do! A template management system will be designed in such a way that changes to the template itself can only be made by authorized persons – the users responsible for template management. Only those individuals can make changes to corporate identity elements or standard text. Other users can personalize a document based on the template, but won’t be able to accidentally change the original template (and thus the corporate identity and standard texts remain correct).

Making templates easy to find

Managing document templates centrally is the way forward for both small and large organizations. Small organizations may have fewer people, but confusion arises more easily than you think. A document template management system will improve the findability of templates. Scrolling through your folders for hours is a thing of the past, saving you significant amounts of hours. And, as you know, time is money, especially for large organizations with many departments and huge numbers of employees. Another advantage is the fact that the templates are simply created in Word – a program that most people are familiar with.

No need to worry about document creation

In the latest template management systems (such as SmartDocuments) you can easily create up-to-date templates that will be useable in the same form for many years to come. But it’s just as easy to create dynamic templates that are renewed every week.

A good template management system is essential if you want to monitor your corporate identity in the most optimal way. And let’s face it, if the system also frees up some of your time and takes away frustration, would you say no? We certainly wouldn’t.