Document creation and automation by municipality of Zwolle with SmartDocuments

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The municipality of Zwolle has upgraded from Desktop
to Web-based SmartDocuments

The municipality benefits from efficient document creation for the entire organization.

This is a necessary step in the further automation of several processes within the municipality. With the help of SmartDocuments, 900 templates will be available for the employees of the municipality.

According to Alwin Flim, adopting the SmartDocuments Web solution is an important step towards better document creation. “In the past, people had their perfect letter stored somewhere. This was solved with the desktop-based software for document creation by SmartDocuments. We shifted to the cloud and the Web-based SmartDocuments software. Document creation will remain important for the growth of our organization. That's why I'm happy with the steps we're taking. With the Web-based application of SmartDocuments, we can serve our people a lot better. The chosen solution should fit them, but also be efficient and make it easy to maintain our corporate identity. It’s definitely not about bothering people, but about giving them the tools to manage work tasks more easily.”

“I'm happy with the steps we're taking. With the Web-based application of SmartDocuments, we can serve our people a lot better.”

Balance in template management and document creation

In total, Zwolle has 900 templates that are used to a greater or lesser extent. “In fact, the core of template management and document creation was solid. However, every system needs to be cleaned from time to time. We were seeing an increase in templates. So, through consultation, we identified the most commonly used templates. We also looked at which elements were used in the templates. In the first phase of the transition, we mainly looked at finding a balance. We dropped templates that had been created some time ago but were since then never used again.”


User interface

Templates reviewed included permits and contracts. Even the usage and frequency of legal letters have been taken into account in the decision-making process. “Everything went smoothly. We're now going into a process in which we explicitly examine the look and feel, the user interface and, for example, whether we're going to use an online library. This is one of the software updates where we see the benefits of the new SmartDocuments application. It’s more user-friendly and, above all, more logical."

Knowledge and skills

“During the process, we made extensive use of the expertise of SmartDocuments. What's particularly positive is the knowledge and skill they've put into this project and the way they've set up the service and help desk. They’re ready to help immediately."

The entire project was completed in the first quarter of 2019.

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