Corporate Identity Management for corporates

Corporate identity management corporate

Document automation for corporates

Make your template management and document creation easier and more efficient with the help of SmartDocuments. Thanks to our years of experience in automating administrative processes for business, we've a good understanding of how to reduce your company’s administrative burden.


Free yourself from unnecessary frustration

All companies, small or large, have to deal with documents such as employee contracts, invoices, quotations and internal communications on a daily basis. This kind of time-consuming administration can be very error-prone. It's quite a challenge to keep the corporate identity consistent across all documents. The answer is to automate the creation of your Word and PDF documents with SmartDocuments, saving yourself time, money and frustration.
Corporate identity management corporate

SmartDocuments in the corporate space

SmartDocuments has the potential to increase efficiency greatly. It lets you easily create documents, connect raw data from existing systems and create large numbers of personalized documents in one go. With SmartDocuments it’s easy to instantly make changes to your corporate identity across all document templates, which makes for a strong brand image. And since it’s based on Microsoft Office, the system is easy for anyone within your organization to use.


Advantages for your organization

SmartDocuments lets you achieve a professional look and a clear corporate identity. A strong foundation for your company.

The benefits at a glance:

  • Simplification of document creation processes
  • Uniform and professional appearance
  • Strong brand identity
  • Cost saving
  • Time saving & productivity boosting
  • Sign and send documents digitally

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