Document Automation for Corporate organizations

Compliant and consistent communication in every level of the organization

Corporate identity management corporate

Keeping all documents up to date and compliant

Generate interactive documents and keep them up to date using SmartDocuments. Reduce errors made by manual labor and time spent on creating documents by automating the process. Keep all your documents compliant with laws and regulations, from letters to forms, from invoices to policy documents, using our solution.

Centralized Document Template Management

Template Management in one central system makes it easy to keep up with all document templates in your organization. Connect your existing IT infrastructure to our software and relevant metadata will automatically appear in the corresponding documents. Uniformity, compliance and efficiency are the immediate result.
Corporate identity management corporate

Automate and simplify

SmartDocuments ensures a simplified document workflow thanks to timesaving automation.

  • Reduce compliancy risks and errors due to manual labor by automating Document Creation
  • Ensure consistency across all documents with building blocks for recurring content
  • Relieve work pressure for employees and do more with less resources
  • Manage all your document templates in one central system and decrease the sprawl of documents in your organization
  • Connect existing systems in your organization with our modern integration layer

Advantages for your organization

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