Document automation for the legal market

document automation legal

Legal SmartDocuments

With Legal SmartDocuments, our technology partner Wolters Kluwer, one of the world’s leading suppliers of legal tech, offers SmartDocuments technology exclusively to the legal market. Legal SmartDocuments helps to professionalize clause and template management. Thanks to its close cooperation with the providers of other legal tech software solutions, such as Effacts, AnNoText, Winra and Kleos, Wolters Kluwer represents the best way for law firms to modernize and digitize. Because of the compatibility between these various software systems, it’s easy to get ahead of the field in terms of adopting legal tech and to achieve corresponding productivity gains.

For law firms

Law firms use Legal SmartDocuments mainly for optimizing legal processes but also to add value for the internal knowledge management. Use Legal SmartDocuments to obtain new mandates by offering smart services and intensifying the relationship.
Legal SmartDocuments for law firms
document automation legal

For legal departments

Use Legal SmartDocuments to reduce the hassle and risks typically associated with the manual creation of contracts and other legal documents.
Legal SmartDocuments for legal departments