Document Template Management

Quick and simple management of all your templates in just one easy-to-use environment.

Document Template Management
Koppel met database of DMS

A time-consuming search with a high probability of errors

When many employees use many templates, the templates are not always stored correctly. Often resulting in a time-consuming search for the templates that need to be changed, with a high chance of incorrect duplicates.
Document Template Management

One template management environment

With our smart software, simplify your template management and manage all templates in one central environment.
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Simple assignment of rights

Meet SmartControl, the environment for all your templates and business documents. Here, application managers can quickly and easily manage templates and assign user rights. Ensuring that only assigned personnel have access to the selected documents.
Koppel met database of DMS

The advantages at a glance

  • No programming skills required
  • Template creation using drag & drop
  • Single point of definition
  • Microsoft Word integration
  • GDPR compliance

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