Customer stories

Municipality of Utrechtse Heuvelrug


"We may submit our wishes for the development of the software. SmartDocuments takes those wishes serious!"

Heleen van Dokkumburg

Municipality of Groningen


“We manage a total of around 5,000 different templates, ranging from a building permit application to a nuisance report.”

Nico Huisman

Lariks Leusden


“SmartDocuments has reduced our administrative burden, but, more importantly, it has allowed us to give the people of Leusden unambiguous answers.”

Marjolijn de Winter

Municipality of Zwolle


“What's particularly positive is the knowledge and skills they put into a project of this kind and the way they set up the service and helpdesk. They're ready to help, immediately and anytime.”

Alwin Flim

Housing corporation Eindhoven


“By using SmartDocuments, Eindhoven Housing Corporation have made a total initial saving of €250,000 – on the creation of 120 SAP document types.“

Monique Wacht

Municipality Hoorn


“Using the right tools in the right place has taken us a long way in the fight against unnecessary bureaucracy, manual labour and time-consuming paperwork.”

Ben Bodewes

Municipality of Tilburg


“SmartDocuments has reduced the number of standard municipal documents greatly; from over 2000 to only about 350.”

Kurt van Dueren den Hollander

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