Customer stories

Contra Costa County EMS

''Our accuracy has increased dramatically. We are using a single data source and it’s all tied together without any human interaction"
Ben Keizer

Water Authority Limburg

Raymond en Ciska van Waterschap Limburg

''Due to the powerful integration between GoverMaxx, SharePoint Online, and SmartDocuments, users perceive it as a simple way of working."

Raymond & ciska

GrowWork Group

GrowWorkgroup logo

“Automating our resume conversions works super efficiently. Where we used to need about an hour per resume, we can now convert them in a few minutes”

Hasan Kazem

Municipality of The Hague

Den Haag gemeente

"It's a very generic solution for managing Word templates. This could be introduced in a number of other places in the municipality as well."

Marco Boot



"In one year, our most frequently used template has generated over 52,000 documents."

Elisabeth Mustonen

Municipality of Lüneburg


"The SmartDocuments system saves a lot of time because it can use pre-defined fields and formulations."

Sabine Burfien

Municipality of Zwolle


“What's particularly positive is the knowledge and skills they put into a project of this kind and the way they set up the service and help desk. They're ready to help, immediately and anytime.”

Alwin Flim

Municipality of Tilburg


“SmartDocuments has reduced the number of standard municipal documents greatly; from over 2000 to only about 350.”

Kurt van Dueren den Hollander

Municipality of Enschede

Jan Nijland

"It’s extremely user-friendly. It's especially convenient that you can retrieve the data you need quickly and easily from your database and incorporate them into your letters."

Jan Nijland

Municipality of Groningen


“We manage a total of around 5,000 different templates, ranging from a building permit application to a nuisance report.”

Nico Huisman

Municipality of Hoorn


“Using the right tools in the right place has taken us a long way in the fight against unnecessary bureaucracy, manual labour and time-consuming paperwork.”

Ben Bodewes

The Travel Corporation

View from Steph's office banner
"Compiling the documents was a time-consuming task before SmartDocuments was introduced"
Steph Hamel



"Our collaboration with SmartDocuments is a win-win situation!"

Christian Solmecke

Municipality of Velsen


"SmartDocuments was a great fit for our systems. This is especially thanks to its ease of use, which we particularly appreciated when creating the templates."

Bert Kremer

Heemstede and Bloemendaal

Irene en Leuntje klantverhaal

"An official partnership developed bottom-up. When we came together, one of the first requirements was that our automation departments had to be able to run the same programs.

Leuntje van Duijn and Irene Keehnen

Municipality of Utrechtse Heuvelrug


"We can submit our wishes for the development of the software. SmartDocuments takes those wishes seriously!"

Heleen van Dokkumburg

Trusted Shops


“The effort needed in our day-to-day work was reduced by more than half when it comes to some of the documents we require on a regular basis.”

Frieder Schelle


Greefa CombiSoft

“Ultimately, we chose SmartDocuments because it is not an overly difficult configurator. Also, the software is very flexible when it comes to layout.”

Chris Nieuwenhuize



"It's very nice to have an application with which you can harmonize everyone's work. SmartDocuments does that for us."

Tanja and Jeanine

Housing Corporation Eindhoven


“By using SmartDocuments, Eindhoven Housing Corporation have made a total initial saving of €250,000 – on the creation of 120 SAP document types.“

Monique Wacht



"We are really spoiled by all the possibilities that the system offers.”

Raymond and Wilma

Lariks Leusden


“SmartDocuments has reduced our administrative burden and, more importantly, it has allowed us to give the people of Leusden unambiguous answers.”

Marjolijn de Winter



"An average rental involves about five documents. These are all drawn up in SmartDocuments."

Yannick Verzijl

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