Document Automation for health Care organizations

Ensuring attentive patient care by timesaving Document Generation

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Compliancy and secured patient data

Trust in compliancy across all documents and secured patient data with SmartDocuments. Fixed elements such as clauses and text in documents is easily kept up to date with the use of smart templates. The time saved by automating the process of creating documents, enables you to increase attentive patient care.

Uniformity across all documents

Simplify the creation of documents. Automate your document workflows and easily manage your corporate identity. Our solution is user-friendly and increases efficiency, making it quick and easy to create and secure document. Uniformity, compliancy and efficiency are the key to easy Document Creation and Template Managements.

Automate and innovate

SmartDocuments helps you shift focus to patients.

  • Reduce compliancy risks and errors due to manual labor by automating Document Creation. No patient data is stored in our software
  • Relieve work pressure for employees and save time by doing more with less resources
  • Manage all your document templates in one central system and decrease the sprawl of documents in your organization
  • Ensure consistency across all documents with building block for recurring content
  • Connect existing systems in your organization with our modern integration layer

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