Corporate Social Responsibility

SmartDocuments is committed to a better world. Social interest plays a major role in our way of working. In our daily activities, we strive for sustainable and socially responsible entrepreneurship.

Consciously dealing with CO2 emissions

Yes, we’re also car users here at SmartDocuments. However, because we’re aware of the consequences for the environment, we've taken steps in recent years to offset them. For example, we’re working with a leasing company that feels just as responsible for the environment as we do. For every car leased by SmartDocuments, the leasing company invests in climate projects.

We encourage our employees to drive electric cars. Just like our visitors, they are free to use the charging points for hybrid and electric cars at our office in Deventer.

Fact: In 2022, SmartDocuments offset 72.173 kg of CO2 emissions. Take a look at our CO2-certificate.

Green business operations

Reducing paper use
Creating digital documents is our core business. More accurate digital documents means less printing is needed. This way, our software helps companies to reduce their paper consumption. At the office of SmartDocuments, documents are only printed when necessary. Communication with customers, partners, and suppliers is almost entirely digital.

Green advice
Whenever possible, our consultants will support you by telephone or digitally, allowing us to save time and fuel, which in turn contributes to a better environment.

Children are the future

SmartDocuments actively takes into account the younger generation. After all, children are the future, and that's why we invest part of our profits into the welfare of children worldwide. Through sponsorship, we support various organizations committed to a bright future for every child.

War Child – Children are stronger than war
War Child is committed to helping war children. Through sports, games, music, and education, they help children to come to terms with their horrible experiences. This gives them confidence in themselves, each other, and the future. SmartDocuments is proud to officially call itself a Business Friend of War Child.


KidsRights – Children are change makers
KidsRights makes kids strong. The organization stands up for vulnerable children worldwide and is committed to promoting and supporting children’s rights. In doing so, they see the children themselves as ‘change makers.’ SmartDocuments supports the great work of KidsRights and hopes that every child can make their dreams come true.

SOS Children's Villages
SmartDocuments partners with SOS Children's Villages to support children in Eastern European countries. These are children without parental care, including children at risk of losing this care.


European Alpbach Forum
SmartDocuments offers scholarships for talented young people from Ukraine to participate in the European Forum Alpbach (EFA) summer program, one of the oldest and largest international forums in the world, founded in 1945 in Austria. The EFA offers almost three weeks of intensive ad hoc educational programs, with more than 900 speakers and 5,000 participants, including seminars, symposia, and breakout sessions led by professors from leading universities around the world as well as senior politicians and representatives of financial institutions, companies engaged in technology and innovation and environmental organizations.


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