Sensitive data unprotected?

Is your company aware how easy documents containing sensitive information can end up going public? 25th May is just around the corner. Only a short period of time is left for organisations to become GDPR compliant. For example, are the programmes you use to support your processes sufficiently well secured, minimising the risk of data leaks?

Privacy and data protection are important

A process support program enables organisations to create and edit documents more effectively and efficiently. Think, for example, about how an employment contract is drawn up. On the one hand, an employment contract is quite standard, but on the other hand, sensitive data is processed within it.

In most cases, this data is worked on in Microsoft Word during the process. Subsequently, the file is saved on a USB stick and an employee – with the best of intentions – edits this document at home. Nothing wrong with that, right?

WRONG! Automating processes and then editing documents in Microsoft Word involves inherent risks. Microsoft Word is an open system. A document can easily be edited and then, with one push of a button, sent by e-mail. And imagine if that document is sent to the wrong person. What happens then? A data breach occurs, which has to be reported to the authorities within 72 hours, with all the consequences that follow.

SmartDocuments understands security

So, how can you automate processes and, at the same time, minimise these risks? SmartDocuments has the answer. It allows documents to be created without the need to open them in Word. It also allows simple documents to be locked in order to avoid unnecessary risks.