Automated document creation – the key to the perfect quotation

Automated document creation – the key to the perfect quotation

We don’t need to tell you: quotations can make or break a sales deal. And you know a good quotation is more than just an attractive price. Curious how you can use document automation without compromising the quality of your quotation? We’ve got just the thing!

It may be the most vital aspect of your job in Sales: the right quotation for that prospect you really want to add to your client base. And yes, the price must be right, but how you package that price also matters. You want the quotation to look good, and to suit your organization. And the content must also be clear and intelligible.

Drawing up quotations: fun work? We can name dozens of things you’d likely rather be doing on an average workday. But you also can get bogged down trying to perfect a quotation. No need, if you ask us. With the right software, you can turn out a stellar quotation in the blink of an eye. Personalized and elegantly tailored to your prospect. How? We’ll be happy to explain.

Dynamic solution

SmartDocuments is a total solution for making smart templates. The templates make it easy to generate personalized documents. You make the templates using default elements (building blocks) and variables. Creating the right building blocks lets you apply your corporate identity to all templates. It’s also quick and easy to add default texts, like clauses and delivery terms.

A solid foundation for every kind of client

When you use your template to make a document, all you need to do is fill in the variables. All the default elements are already in place for you. The variables are for the specific account you’re working on, for instance. You can insert the other organization’s logo, the contact name, and whatever else you like. Once the foundation of your quotation is good to go, you can use it for every kind of client.

Helpful integrations

The well-oiled sales machine you are part of may also use a software system to keep track of client data and details. But don’t think you’ll need a dual monitor setup to copy all that client data over to the variables in your quotation document. SmartDocuments intergrates with all types of systems. ERP, ECM, CRM, DMS, you name it – we have the solution. If you know of an integration we don’t already offer, we’re always open to new partnerships.

Complex quotations? With SmartDocuments, they’re a cinch!

You may be thinking: “That’s a great solution, but our quotations are a bit too complex.” Think again. SmartDocuments can handle even complex and personalized technical quotations. One good example would be our business case with GREEFA. You can read the whole testimonial here. TLDR? Even if your organization offers a wide variety of options, each in turn with different prices and information, SmartDocuments is a suitable solution to automate your quotations.

Attractive quotations in the right corporate identity, automated yet personalized. You can do it all with our smart document creation software. Curious what all SmartDocuments can do? Contact us for a demo!
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